What is in a name? south-devon.com –a high profile name.

We offer quality affordable advertising for the smaller business enterprise in SOUTH DEVON, on a limited budget..

Spend a Little: Be Seen a Lot

The Internet is a great place to advertise but…..

How does anyone find your website? (www. I am some rather obscurely named.co.uk) which has cost your small quality business a king’s ransom to set up.

Our aim is to supply a portal to showcase your quality South Devon business through the south-devon.com website.

To those of you that have your own website, we offer the opportunity to open your website within ours. This link is not “static” as found in the usual style Directory of Advertisers-this feature requires active management.

Then there are those very small businesses that cannot afford to advertise in a newspaper, let alone have a website created-For you, we offer a page within our website-supply us with photos or we will take them for you and showcase your quality business.

Our site offers direct link to Facebook and Twitter so you can be assured of a high profile on the major social networking sites which we actively manage.

Yes there is a small charge for active management-£1-00 per week(see our terms and conditions)  Spend a Little, Be Seen a Lot


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